The Fingerprint Miracle

When I first told my son that no two people have the same fingerprint, he thought that it’s really cool. The fact that human beings are different in so many ways, especially in ways that might not be so obvious, is just amazing!

I think making our kids aware of this fact is a really great way to make them understand that each and every person is unique and special. However, as Muslim parents, the more important thing is to teach them that this fact is something that Allah has mentioned in the Quran centuries ago – long before anyone realized that each person’s fingerprint pattern is different from one another.

Which brings us to the next Quranic gem 🙂

Allah SWT says: “Yes, We are able to put together in perfect order the tips of his fingers.” (Al-Qiyaamah: 4).

Let your children observe the tips of their fingers and show them how intricate the patterns of the fingerprints are. Afterwards, you can do a fun activity with them to let them see their fingerprints more clearly.

You can use a stamp pad or water color to do this, but the easiest way is to color a small area on a sheet of a paper using a pencil (2B works fine), and let them press their fingertip firmly on this colored space. Make sure the color is thick enough so they would stick on the fingertips. Afterwards, ask them to press their fingertip on an empty space on the paper (or another sheet if you wish). Use a magnifying glass and observe the prints together. You can print yours too and have fun comparing each other’s fingerprints 🙂

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