Allah Talks About Colors!

Kids and colors are inseparable.

Actually, scratch that. WE humans and colors are inseparable 🙂 But of course, colors have a way of making everything appear more interesting to kids. Try teaching them the alphabet, numbers or shapes in dull, plain black color and they would most likely lose interest very quickly. Throw in some colors in those letters and shapes, and see how it makes all the difference.

So…for Quranic Gem #1 🙂

Allah has mentioned about colors numerous times in the Quran. So, why not relate the concept of beautiful colors with the verses in the Quran? I’ve chosen one amazing verse that you can read and explore together with your children:

“Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby fruits of varying colors? And in the mountains are tracts, white and red of varying shades and [some] extremely black.” (Al-Fatir:27)

After reading this verse, here are some activities that we can do with our kids:

  • Ask them to list as many colors of fruit as they can
  • Show pictures of mountains around the world, especially Mount Danxia (China), Landmannalaugar (Iceland) and the one near Tibriz (Iran). These mountains have amazing colors due to the geological processes that took place a long, long time ago, subhaanAllah. (*Some pictures online can be a bit exaggerated though, so try to find a reliable source for these pictures :))
  • For older kids, you can explore further together the natural processes that could cause mountains and rocks to change colors.

The main takeaway point that we should try to instill in our children’s mind through this activity is the fact that Allah is Al-Musawwir, the Fashioner. InshaAllah, they – and we ourselves for that matter – won’t ever take color for granted anymore! 🙂

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