Bismillah…Here Goes!

Assalaamu’alaikum and welcome to Gems for Juniors!

I am always searching for ways to make learning the Quran fun and engaging for my kids. As a mother of two, I’ve seen that there are certain subjects/concepts that they find more appealing than others. Objects in space – planets, stars, etc. – for instance, is a subject that always fascinates my son.

So I thought – why not choose certain points in the Quran (especially those that appeal more to children) and present them in a fun way in order to make them appreciate the Quran more? And that, is what I intend to do by starting this blog, inshaAllah.

I like to see it as a journey – a journey for myself, my family and I hope you will hop aboard and embark on this journey together with us.

Rabbi yassir, wa laa tu’assir. May Allah subhaanahu wata’aala bless this effort, and may this blog benefit the readers, ameen…


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